Rideshare Reimagined

Surf streams premium entertainment and engaging content to passengers in Lyft and Uber cars.

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The largest rideshare advertising and entertainment platform on the planet.

Now the world's #1 rideshare entertainment platform, Surf places interactive tablets in rideshare vehicles for the entertainment of passengers and the promotion of local businesses and brands.

Choose your own entertainment

With a variety of premium content, including videos, music, podcasts, live radio, and more, you can mix up every ride you take.

Discover local spots

Explore your nearby area, get special deals, and discover favorite local businesses and attractions with Surf Local.

Always served fresh

Enjoy a constantly changing line-up featuring the top creators and influencers you love, plus new rising talent.


Targeting and metrics to ensure you make a splash on Surf's network.

Built On An Enterprise-Grade Ad Server

Our ad infrastructure is built on a certified, trusted, and enterprise-grade ad server.

Realtime Performance Monitoring

Want to keep a close eye on your campaign? No problem. Use our new Advertiser Dashboard.

VAST and 1x1 Supported

We've done the legwork to ensure your ad will play beautifully and reliably from any format.

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Rideshare advertising has officially arrived.

Surf advertising inventory is in high demand, get in touch with our Ads team today.

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Reach Millions of Rideshare Passengers Nationwide

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“Just got my Surf kit😍 looks so sleek and fun! Can't wait!”
Anastasia Volkova
Driver, Milwaukee
Austin / San Antonio
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Cities Across the US

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With an average ride duration of 23 minutes, Surf gives your brand the best exposure in a low-distraction environment. Convert real customers on the go while collecting powerful performance metrics.

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