Top 3 Ways Uber and Lyft Drivers Can Make More Money

With gas prices rising every day, Uber and Lyft drivers are searching for new ways to make more money. Honestly, there’s nothing sweeter than earning a bit more than you originally planned.

With these tips, you’re guaranteed to increase your take home from driving.

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#1: Increase Your Tips

Tips are the fastest way to make more money from driving the same route. The strategy for making additional tips varies by driver. What has worked for you in the past? Maybe it’s putting a newspaper in the car or offering your passengers water and mints. Maybe it’s the music choice or simply having a phone charger.

Last week we took a look at five Uber drivers’ strategies for getting more tips. 

#2: Surf

Surf not only gives you a free entertainment tablet to put in your car, but also pays you monthly for each time a passenger uses the tablet. The Surf system allows you to keep your passengers happy with videos, music, travel ideas, local business directories and more– all while giving you some extra earnings.

Best of all, it’s completely free for drivers to sign up.


  • The tablet is free and Surf pays for monthly data service
  • Drivers get paid $0.50 per passenger session
  • They ship the tablet directly to your door
  • 4 out of 5 drivers have reported an increase in their tips because of Surf



  • They are only accepting drivers with at least 100 rides per month who have been driving for 6 months.
  • Drivers have to remove the tablet from the car at the end of their driving session and put it back in the next time they drive.

#3: Cargo

Cargo helps rideshare drivers earn more money by providing complimentary and premium products to passengers. Imagine a vending machine that fits in the center console of your car. Cargo estimates that drivers can make up to $300 per month with sales commissions.


  • Cargo is free to get
  • You could earn up to $300 per month



  • They are only serving certain cities right now
  • Drivers have to worry about things going bad or melting in the car

Have you tried any of these money-making ideas? Share with us in the comments your strategy for increasing your monthly earnings as a driver.