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Lyft and Uber drivers completing at least 150 rides per month can get a FREE Surf tablet to entertain their passengers, make more money, and get higher tips!

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Surf is the easy, fun, and free way for Lyft and Uber drivers to upgrade their cars and make extra money with each ride. We provide the system, you sit back and let passengers enjoy free videos, music, podcasts, live radio, and more.

Free tablet
Free 4G LTE data
Free mounting kit
Earn with each ride
Better tips & reviews
No contracts

Drivers love having Surf onboard!

In fact, 4/5 drivers report an increase in tips and reviews.

Riders think my car is the coolest because of Surf!
Definitely getting more tips!💥
Pax love watching the videos
Cool for me AND my customers...really excited.
Great reviews and great tips!
I'm excited for the extra earnings
I think this is an awesome addition to my ride!
Surf is gonna help me boost my income!
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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surf?

For qualifying drivers, Surf is a free entertainment tablet for your vehicle. The tablet is mounted on the headrest of the passenger seat, allowing your passengers to enjoy a wide variety of content during their ride.

Do I qualify?

If you have been driving for Lyft or Uber for the last two months and complete at least 150 rides per month, then you qualify to become a Surf driving partner.

How much do drivers get paid?

Surf driving partners earn with each ride! Drivers have reported earning an average of $30-150 per month depending on how many rides they complete.

If it's free, what's the catch?

There's no catch. Surf is free for qualifying drivers and includes a tablet, mounting kit, and monthly high-speed mobile data for free. We provide a unique and interactive passenger experience and help drivers take home more pay. No gimmicks, no contracts.

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