Find Your Audience with Surf

Surf partners with media creators to bring the best in entertainment to passengers in rideshare vehicles across the country. We're revolutionizing the concept of in-flight entertainment by giving creatives a new outlet to distribute their content and grow their brand.

High Impressions

Millions of rideshare trips happen each day, and Surf tablets are located in cars across the nation. Expand your audience, reach and influence as a Surf content partner.

Low Distraction

With an average ride of 17 minutes and exclusive channels, Surf passengers are more likely to engage with your content, making it easier to get discovered.

Data Driven

Content creators have full control over when and where their content is displayed. Collect real-time analytics of viewership, demographics, geo-metrics and engagement.

The Rideshare Passenger

Surf allows you to target hard-to-reach Millennials and Generation Z with disposable income.

Have an annual income of $75K+ 66%
Are Male 52%
Engage with the Surf tablet 40%

18-29 years old

30-49 years old

50-65 years old

Premium Entertainment. Premium Experience.

Surf lets passengers create their own rideshare experience through a variety of carefully curated content, including videos, music, games and more.


From short narratives to vlogs, comedy and more, Surf features a variety of quality content for all interest groups.


Surf partners with livestream distribution feeds to connect passengers with the timely content, news and sports.


Top hits, independent artists, covers and music videos alike can be found on Surf's media platform.

Every 100 cars generate more than 50,000 impressions per month

Highlight your content to a captive, engaged audience.

Go Beyond YouTube and Facebook

Surf features limited, exclusive channels which allow for rapid discovery.
We also reinforce your brand value and experience, building recognition and exposure with a new audience.

Increase Your Brand Value

Distributing your content through Surf not only exposes you to a new captive audience, but also increases your total view counts and brand value. You can collect higher pay from your advertisers and partners by being one of the few creators who go beyond YouTube for additional distribution.

Fully Branded Experience

Customize your channel cover, logo, background, thumbnails and any other elements to align with your branding. Content creators can use the Surf platform to not only showcase their media, but also to promote a fully branded experience, events, merchandise, website and calls to action.

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