This November, Surf has a fresh line up of exciting videos and music to stream from the backseat of your Uber and Lyft ride. Enjoy returning content like Cute Pets or Stand Up, along with new favorites like CHIVE TV and Give Thanks.

Check out some of the highlights in this new season below!


CHIVE TV is joining Surf with a new channel just for our passengers. Watch all your favorite fails, stunts, hilarious pranks and other viral videos from the most entertaining website in the world, theChive.com. Warning: After watching the CHIVE TV channel you may be tempted to jump off buildings in an inflatable unicorn costume, do backflips off an elephant’s back, basketball trick shots on a speeding train or stay up all night watching more CHIVE TV.

Feast Your Eyes

This month we’re bringing you a special lineup of videos to celebrate the most delicious holiday, Thanksgiving! If you’re looking for holiday cooking tips, Rhett and Link can teach you how to make a classic Thanksgiving leftovers meal, Hot Stuffed Balls! But hopefully their weird turkey facts don’t make you lose your appetite. Just give thanks that your Thanksgiving dinner won’t be entirely made of gummies like Vat19’s meal.

Movie Trailers

We’ve updated our Movie Trailers channel to give you a sneak peak at some of the most highly anticipated films coming out this holiday season. See the trailer for the fascinating story of Mary Queen of Scots brought to life by Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Your favorite comedy duo–Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly–are back as Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson in the film Holmes. Or see Christian Bale like you’ve never seen him before–as the Vice President to former President George W. Bush in the film Vice.

Discover Local

This month we’ve added more of our favorite businesses to the Discover Local channel. This channel features our top picks for the best businesses around the Valley, including the best places for tacos, happy hour, pizza and yes, even mini golf!

You can also find great deals on the Discover Local channel exclusively for Surf passengers! Learn more about the Surf Best in Town directory,

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