It’s a new month, and that means new videos and channels to enjoy during your rideshare trip with Surf. You won’t want to miss our latest channel from Paramount Pictures, where you can find upcoming blockbuster hits coming to theaters and Blu-ray/DVD.

Take a look at a few of our favorite videos coming to Surf this month.  


Are you into DIY hacks or just a good bargain? Then you’ll love Blossom’s channel. The video “Show Your Pets You Ruff Them” is a perfect example of DIY crafts and hacks that you need but may not think of on your own. Who wants to pay for a $40 cat bed when you can make one from an old t-shirt, clothes hangers and a hot glue gun? Not to mention, your pet will love the handmade touch. From DIY fancy soaps to trendy photography hacks and even crafts for your wedding day, Blossom has you covered.

Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link are back with more hilarious answers to life’s biggest questions, like what are the best LaCroix flavors? In their video “Ultimate LaCroix Taste Test” the guys try ten different LaCroix flavors to find out which flavor tops the charts. If you’re also living on this planet, you probably know what a LaCroix is, and you’ve probably wondered what other people think of them (maybe more so if you don’t find them that appealing). Their description of coconut LaCroix as ‘suntan oil being accidentally sprayed into your mouth’ is the most accurate part of the ranking.  

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures is joining the lineup of Surf creators this month with their own channel showing off trailers for their most recent releases. You can also find special features and behind the scenes moments from their films, like the “Rocketman: Taron Sings Featurette.” Taron Egerton, the actor portraying Elton John, along with the director and producers explain what it means for Taron to sing as Elton John in the film. Keep an eye on this channel to plan your next movie night!

So Yummy

So Yummy has more recipes and cooking tips for you to try this month. Now that summer is getting closer, you’ll want to cool off with these delicious ice cream creations from the video “Did Somebody Say Ice Cream?” Learn how to make the perfect ice cream cake for that Memorial Day party. Take it to the next level and add ice cream sandwiches as the crust (you’ll be thanking us for the tip!)

Chive TV

Chive TV is back in the lineup this month with more action, adventure and ninjas! This is your channel for extreme sports, stunts, tricks and fails! You’ll be amazed at the strength and coordination of people in the “American Ninja Warrior Training” video. Just watch this ninja flip, run and fly through the gym as they train for the world’s toughest competition. There are some stunts you shouldn’t try at home, ask the guys in “Big Guys, Little Rides.” Let’s just say we strongly advise against riding a power wheels jeep down a muddy hill with 15 other adult men at once.

Movie Trailers

Our latest movie trailers will definitely feel like a throwback.” Men in Black: International” offers a new twist on a fan favorite with Tess Thompson as Agent M. and Chris Hemsworth as Agent H. The same drama, action and comedy we saw in the first “Men in Black” films get even more intense as the agency faces an existential threat abroad. It’s never too early to show off the Christmas blockbusters, especially when that includes “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Watch until the end for the ominous foreshadowing of a particular villain’s return.  

More returning favorites this month:

This May you’ll see fan favorites and new channels returning in our rotating lineup. This includes all of those sneaky celebs at Undercover Lyft, the adorable animals in Cute Pets, the heartfelt stories from dude. be nice and the hilarious comedians in the Stand Up channel.

Don’t just take it from us though! What is your favorite channel or video this month?

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