Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) is joining Surf’s network of featured content partners available to Lyft and Uber passengers nationwide.

FBE, creators of the award-winning series REACT and TRY NOT TO are bringing their assortment of family-friendly comedy videos to rideshare cars equipped with Surf entertainment tablets. Passengers will now be able to join FBE’s 34 million-plus subscriber base while watching their favorite videos on the go. 

“FBE is committed to delivering our award-winning programming to audiences wherever they are,” said Marc Hustvedt, CEO of FBE. “The rideshare experience needed a better entertainment solution, and Surf provides a curated, high-quality offering that was a perfect fit for FBE’s popular series including REACT and TRY NOT TO."

FBE joins Surf’s growing network of top content creators, including Paramount Pictures, iHeartRadio, Chive TV, So Yummy, Blossom, Good Mythical Morning and many more.  

FBE’s captivating content will be available to upgrade the rideshare experience for Uber and Lyft cars equipped with Surf entertainment tablets in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami and Chicago.

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