Today, Cartender joins Surf’s line-up of rideshare entertainment available to passengers on tablets in Uber and Lyft cars across the country. 

Cartender specializes in automotive content and is adding their library of quick, informative videos to Surf’s tablets to educate passengers across the country about vehicles on the market and industry updates. 

“We’re incredibly excited to be one of the first automotive-focused channels on Surf.” Collin Davis, CEO of Cartender said. “Our vision for the Cartender channel is to help viewers learn more about the car they’re riding in, and introduce them to the latest vehicles hitting the market in a short and entertaining format."

Cartender will join other top creators using Surf to grow their distribution, including Paramount Pictures, iHeartRadio, Chive TV, So Yummy, Blossom, Good Mythical Morning and many more. 

Cartender’s library of automotive videos will be available to stream in Uber and Lyft cars equipped with a Surf rideshare entertainment tablet across Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami and Chicago.

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