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47% of passengers are aged 18-39 with 66% reporting an income of $75K+. Use Surf to reach this crucial market segment.


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Surf puts your brand center stage in the exciting new rideshare market: over 18 million rides happen daily in the US alone.


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Boost your ROI with affordable CPMs with industry-standard tracking and metrics. Our ad support team is your #1 fan.

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Think Millennials and Gen Z are hard to reach? Think again.

Forward-thinking brands and businesses that advertise with Surf are being put in front of the largest and most sought after consumer demographic cohorts in the world.

47% are 18-29 years old
66% report an income of $75k or more
Near 50/50 split of male/female
40% of riders engage with the Surf tablet
23 minute average ridetime

We love data, and we know you do too.

Surf allows advertisers to fine-tune their ad delivery across the entire network in realtime. Get crucial campaign insights like deliverability, impressions, spend, engagement, and more on our Advertiser Dashboard.

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Video Ads

Deliver your video ads to a completely new and highly captive market segment

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List your business in the Best in Town directory with images, details, social media and more

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Brand a video channel with graphics and videos for high exposure and  engagement

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