5 Uber Drivers Share How They Get More Tips

Since the beginning, rideshare companies have branded themselves as cash-free, convenient alternatives to traditional transportation. In turning the industry on its head— common practices, like tipping your driver, seem to have been forgotten.

For many drivers— finding the perfect formula for getting passengers to tip is a hot and highly contested issue. Drivers seem to be split on whether or not they should even mention tips, let alone expect them, from their passengers. But for drivers who are looking to make extra money each month, tipping can have a big impact on their take home pay– especially after calculating expenses.

We took to Reddit’s /r/uberdrivers community to see what advice drivers had for increasing tips. Strategies ranged from putting a picture of a baby on the dashboard to offering free gum and even locking the doors and charging a fee to exit the vehicle. Now we’re pretty sure that last one was a joke, but these five approaches are very real, and driver tested.


#1: The Anti-Tip “Jar” 

I have cash in a cup holder. Not 1’s. A couple 5’s. Nobody has ever tried robbing me. This does two things. It shows that other people have tipped, that it was spontaneous (it’s not in a jar or something) and that if someone wants to hand me a $20 bill I have change.”



#2: A Positive Outlook

“You know the secret to tips. Never expect them and you will be happier and that happiness will get you more tips because of your good mood. When you expect tips and don’t get them it sours your mood and it will be reflected in your interactions with your riders.”



#3: The Tax Write-Off

“I bought a cheap pad of paper receipts at Staples and put up a sign that reads “receipts available for tips.” It’s kind of passive aggressive, but it really works.”



#4: Subliminal Messages

“As for tip fishing, just like in real fishing, if the fish see the hook they’re not gonna bite! There is no single phrase you can apply in every situation. But I try to naturally work the concept of tipping into the conversation.

Last night, for example, my current pax asked me about other drivers, and I realized she had possibly dealt with some shady players. So I was giving her some info on how to deal with drivers, and I ended up telling her how a previous passenger had been ripped off by another driver. He got her to pay $25 in cash for a $17 fare by telling her the fare would be $40 through the app….In the middle of it all, telling how I had gotten the other pax to email support to report this jerk, I dropped in that she had tipped me. Lo and behold, $3 appeared in my cup holder at the end of that ride.”


“As for tip fishing, just like in real fishing, if the fish see the hook, they’re not gonna bite!”

#5: Always Have a Charger

“Offer chargers to every passenger. If they have their phone in their hand when the ride ends, they are more likely to rate/tip.”



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Do you have a secret formula for getting passengers to tip? Share your approach with us in the comments below.